1. Enter the code from the confirmation SMS or email on the AlzaBox display

Your carrier or e-shop will always inform you when the goods are ready to be collected.

2. If you have not paid for your order in advance, AlzaBox will ask you to pay

Use your payment card for contact or contactless payment.

3. AlzaBox opens the box with your package

You will see on the display whether your order is placed in one or multiple boxes. There can be multiple packages in one box. Please collect all of them.

4. Close all box doors

This will make the box available to other customers.

Open AlzaBoxes
in an even easier way now with our mobile app

1. Once you get to the AlzaBox, open the mobile app
2. Click on the QR code icon

Or click on "Open AlzaBox" in the menu

3. If you haven't paid yet, AlzaBox will prompt you to pay
4. Collect your packages and close all doors
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