AlzaBox on your property:Increase the living comfort of local residents and make a profit

More sustainable parcel delivery for your neighbours

Earn extra income for renting space for AlzaBox.

Get new customers coming to your store.

Create a smart collection point for orders from the most

Reduce courier traffic in the area.

Convenient and fast collection of goods for local residents.

Contribute to greater sustainability in cities.

The operation is safe, everything is monitored by cameras.

No investment and no worries, we take care of everything.

What we provide

Preparationof the area

Installing and launching of the AlzaBox

Subsequent operation and service

24/7 support over the phone

What we need from you

Visible location with the possibility of connection to the electricity network and temporary parking

Minimum area of 5.25 x1 m, ideally already paved

Non-stop accessibility for the public and supplies

Location in a village of over 1,000 inhabitants

ATM within walking distance

What Does AlzaBox Look Like?

Stand-alone or wall-mounted

AlzaBox is mounted either about 20 cm in front of the building or directly to it.

Neutral design

Thedesign does not aggressively interfere with the style of your environment.

Autonomous lighting

When a customer arrives during the evening hours, we automatically turn on the lights in front of the box.

100 boxes for parcels

A regular-sized AlzaBox contains 100 boxes, which can fit 80% of goods from Czech e-shops.

Give AlzaBox a New Home

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