35% of customers choose AlzaBoxes based on their previous positive experience

Increase the quality of your services and loyalty of your customers. They reward you.

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer

Faster order collection

In comparison with parcel delivery, our customer receives the order 2 times faster.

AlzaBox close to your home or work

We have placed more than 2,000 smart parcel boxes so that they are close at hand.

Order waits for the customer

Help your customers get their orders faster whilst minimising the risk of not reaching the customer.

Easy operation

Quick open with a PIN, no need for a special app.

No queues

Reduce the risk that any third party will degrade the quality of your service.

Open 24/7

Let customers choose the best time for pickup.

Parking for customers

We build all AlzaBoxes to make parcel collection as convenient as possible.

Safe and contactless

Safe and discrete delivery.

Expand your delivery points,
be closer to your customers.

An economical last mile solution

The high capacity of AlzaBoxes will be welcomed by your customers especially during peak hours as well as during normal operation.

Expanding the network to suit your needs

We can adapt the location of the boxes and their features to specific requirements.

A fair business model

There are no obligations arising from the business model, you only pay for individual smart parcel box bookings.

86% of customers consider the behaviour of online shops and carriers to be non-eco-friendly

Choose a friendly approach to nature and cities

Lower carbon foot print and emissions

Distribution of parcels outside peak hours is performed with the best care

Fewer courier deliveries around AlzaBoxes

Reduced visual smog in cities

Smart choice among collection boxes

The largest network in the Czech Republic with 2,000 smart parcel boxes
Unique IT solution with an open roadmap
Sophisticated web administration
Shipment insurance during storage
CCTV system with recording
Intelligent locks and lighting
Payment terminal for cash on delivery
Guaranteed box recovery within 12 hours

How to make AlzaBoxes accessible to your customers

Carriers with AlzaBoxes

Deliver packages by a carrier that has an integrated network of AlzaBoxes. For it to work properly, you will need to distinguish between delivery to an address or to an AlzaBox.

We cooperate with:

Direct integration

For larger e-shops that want absolute control over the customer experience. You just hand over your carrier the ID of the reserved mailbox in AlzaBox. Integration via API.

API example


Why is a network of drop boxes more efficient than a network of parcel shops?

We guarantee fulfilled orders even at peak times. All AlzaBoxes are located in easily accessible areas with easy parking. Delivery is fast, contact-free and available 24/7. 

How difficult is it to connect an AlzaBox for online shops?

As always, it depends on the details and level of integration. The easiest way to connect, i.e. extending the existing network of pick-up points, is a matter of days. You get a dedicated integration team to help you with the project.

What information does Alza obtain about my customer?

The parcel ID is only needed to open the Alza smart parcel box. All information about the customer remains with the selected carrier solely, who communicates with AlzaBox only through the assigned ID.

Will using AlzaBoxes increase costs?

On the contrary. With more orders shipped per day and fewer undelivered packages, the final shipping cost will decrease.

Can less tech-savvy customers handle AlzaBox?

The operation of AlzaBoxes is very simple and can be handled by anyone. It requires nothing more than typing in a six-digit number on a large and clear screen. The second option is to open the box using a QR code in the mobile phone app.

Will there be any capacity left for our customers during the season?

We are an open network with the same rules for all operators, which works on a first-come, first-served basis for bookings. For an absolute guarantee of space in the mailbox, we recommend direct integration.