Lower delivery costs, higher capacity

For any carrier
Fast and without investment

Improve transport efficiency

Deliver 2.2 times more shipments per shift
24-hour delivery
99.8% of packages are delivered in the first load
Secure storage for undelivered purchases
42% faster than in-store deliveries
Guaranteed space for every shipment
Convenient parking and fast handover
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Co získala Alza.cz přesunem 50 % zásilek do alzaBoxů?

Data sheet s detailními daty Alza.cz

Získejte reálná data z provozu největšího eshopu v Česku a v detailu srovnejte výkon doručování do alzaBoxů s doručováním na adresu.


Gentle to cities and nature

Lower carbon footprint and emissions

With more shipments distributed per load, each package travels at least 30% fewer miles.

Fewer vans around

The implementation of AlzaBoxes leads to a reduction in the number of addressed shipments in a given area by up to 35%.

Efficient off-peak distribution

The 24-hour operation of AlzaBoxes ensures the delivery of shipments outside the busiest roads.

Reducing visual smog in cities

AlzaBoxes make it possible for all carriers to store their shipments, which in turn reduces the need to build additional box solutions. To make AlzaBoxes fit better into the public space, we are working on a redesign.

Local depots for foot couriers

Carriers can use each box as a depot for subsequent distribution on foot or by bicycle.

We are open to partner cooperation

Our boxesare an open solution for an almost unlimited number of traders and coordinated cooperation with local authorities.

250,000 lockers in an open and independent network in Central Europe are now available for your parcels

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Technology solution based on an open architecture with API

The network can be easily implemented directly into the online shop widget or as a pick-up point into the carrier's network. An experienced team will help you with the integration and the project.

AlzaBox API blueprint

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Technical support and contacts

250,000 lockers in three countries in one integration
Detailed real-time data
Information about your parcel in details of individual smart parcel box
API for integration of even completely new businesses
Open roadmap for IT development
24-hour technical support

Smooth operation verified by 20 million shipments

Easy parcel collection

Just a six-digit code or QR code and the app. No Bluetooth, no complications, no surprises.

Unusual events won't catch us unprepared

Thanks to the camera footage and support team, you can resolve customer complaints very easily

Ergonomic operation for couriers

Opening the boxes via QR code or EAN is fast and contactless.

Tech support team

Available 7 days a week. They will have each box operational within 12 hours at the latest.

AlzaBox Features

CCTV system

Lighting in front of and inside the box


Payment terminal

Unauthorised entry warning

Contrast display with QR code

Barcode reader for couriers

Team of technicians

How to use our open network creatively

Creating new parcelshops
  • An efficient way to expand network capacity
  • Improving the quality of service provided
Low-cost products for your customers
  • Delivery only to AlzaBoxes
  • Provide your partners with a more budget-friendly product and catch up with the competition

AlzaBoxes will improve the economics and performance of any carrier.
Join us as soon as possible.