Independent and open network of over 2,500 smart parcel boxes in Central Europe are now available for you

86% of customers describe the behaviour of online shops and carriers as non-eco-friendly. It's time to go the ecological extra mile.

Lower carbon footprint and emissions

With more shipments distributed per load, each package travels at least 30% fewer miles.

Fewer vans around

The implementation of AlzaBoxes leads to a reduction in the number of addressed shipments in a given area by up to 35%.

Efficient off-peak distribution

The 24-hour operation of AlzaBoxes ensures the delivery of shipments outside the busiest roads.

Reducing visual smog in cities

AlzaBoxes make it possible for all carriers to store their shipments, which in turn reduces the need to build additional box solutions. To make AlzaBoxes fit better into the public space, we are working on a redesign.

Local depots for foot couriers

Carriers can use each box as a depot for subsequent distribution on foot or by bicycle.

We are open to partner cooperation

Our boxes are an open solution for an almost unlimited number of traders and coordinated cooperation with local authorities.