Advertise where your customers like it

Exclusive presentation for your brand

AlzaBoxes not only provide an efficient way to deliver parcels, but thanks to their extensive network in 3 European regions, they also offer an exclusive advertising opportunity.
Here are the current advertising formats you can use.

Large-format touchscreen display

The large-format 1280 × 1024 px touchscreen display can be used for static advertising, but also for short videos in mp4 format. This type of advertising reaches over 800,000 users each month, as every customer comes into contact with the monitor when picking up or sending a parcel.

Banner on right side of the box

The banner covering the three columns of lockers offers a prominent advertising space measuring 1.6 x 2 m. The high density of AlzaBox coverage makes it a unique outdoor advertising option.

Personalised in-locker advertising

A less distinctive, but more targeted form of advertising are the advertising banners on the inside of the locker door, visible when a customer opens the locker.

All the advertising formats are offered exclusively for the entire or half of the AlzaBox network for each region. If you are interested, please contact us.