Collect all your orders
24 hours a day

Always near you – 2,000 smart parcel boxes with 200,000 lockers
For all – pick up packages from Alza and other stores  and carriers

Don't wait for the Courier, order to AlzaBox.

Available 24/7

Adapts to your daily rhythm.

Contactless = no Covid risk

Contactless = no Covid risk

Super-easy operation

You can even send your children or grandmother to pick up the package.
How to open the box?

Gentle to nature and the city

One car can deliver up to 2.2 times more packages to smart parcel boxes. And we operate also at night.

In a few minutes at your place

We've positioned all the boxes so you can keep them close at hand.
Find your nearest AlzaBox

Payment by card on the spot

Pay for the goods upon receiving them. 


My box didn't open, what should I do?

Contact our tech support via phone or email and we will take care of everything.

How to pick up my order?

1. Enter the authorisation code on the keypad.
2. Pick upyour package and close the mailbox.
3. That's it. Thank you and enjoy your purchase.

When will my goods be delivered?

You can find up-to-date information on delivery times when selecting AlzaBox in your cart.

How long will the parcel be stored in the AlzaBox?

Two days after delivery. After that, the order will be cancelled and returned. 24 hours before the return, you will receive a text message and an email about the last chance to collect.

What happens to my order if I don't pick it up by the deadline?

The order will be cancelled or credited. Your money will be refunded.

Is it safe to store orders in the mailboxes?

AlzaBoxes are guarded by alarm and CCTV 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If I order fills up more than one box, do I still pay only one shipping fee?

Yes, you only ever pay shipping once, regardless of the size of the shipment.

How big a package can fit in an AlzaBox?

The maximum size is decided directly by the system in the e-shop. If the goods are more bulky, the system will not allow you to choose the pick-up option in the AzaBox and will offer the best possible shipping alternative.

Is it possible to track the shipment? Will I know the exact time of delivery?

After you submit your order, you will receive an email with a link through which you can track the progress of your order and the time of delivery.

How will I know if the shipment is in AlzaBox?

You will receive a notification in the app or a text message with a code once it has been delivered. You can open the parcel box by entering this code or scanning the QR code in the Alza app.

Can I return my order or file a claim via AlzaBox? 

Currently, you cannot return or claim an order through AlzaBox. We are preparing this feature for you.

How do I make a payment? 

You can pay for the delivered goods in advance when creating your order or on the spot by credit card. If the shipment is not paid for, AlzaBox will prompt you after entering the code. The payment can be contact or contactless.

How much does delivery to AlzaBox cost?

For up-to-date delivery price information, please select AlzaBox in the cart. The standard price for shipping is 69 CZK; in case of advance payment, it is 49 CZK.

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